Patient Journey

Harley Street Sexual Health's team of experts will guide you through each step of the process to ensure your journey is as comfortable as possible.

Caring Approach

We provide a sensitive caring and confidential service at all times and we understand that problems relating to your sexual health can be very distressing and embarrassing. All patients are welcome irrespective of gender and sexual orientation. You will always see one of our consultant physicians with specialist training and extensive experience in sexual health and HIV management.

Make an Appointment

You may be referred to us directly from your GP, other consultant or you may refer yourself directly to us. The process of booking an appointment is very simple: you can either call 020 7486 2061 or

Our Practice Secretary, Soga, has an excellent understanding of issues relating to sexual health and you can be assured of her discretion and professionalism at all times. She will arrange for you to be seen as soon as possible at a time that is mutually convenient. Our consultants can be available to briefly discuss your particular situation if that would be helpful.

The Consultation

When you arrive at our consulting rooms, you will be greeted by a receptionist who will ask you to take a seat in the waiting room at London Medical. For your first appointment you will then be asked to complete a registration form – if possible, please arrive a few minutes early to complete the form. If you have a referral letter, please bring this with you.

During the consultation the consultant will take a history, carry out an examination and arrange tests. Some of these tests and investigations may be done at London Medical and others can take place elsewhere in the area if required. If further tests are needed, you may be required to attend a follow-up appointment to discuss your results with your consultation.


Once a diagnosis has been reached either at your first visit or follow-up appointment, your consultant will advise on the best course of management. Commonly, this involves prescribing a medication on a private prescription that can be obtained from our pharmacy – or any pharmacy of your choice.

Self Payment

All patients are charged according to a pre-arranged fee schedule agreed with the medical insurance companies and the providers of specialist diagnostic services. Details can be obtained by contacting our practice manager who is always available to help answer any financial queries you may have – please do not hesitate to contact Soga Matthew on 0207 467 5497 or by e-mailing her on You will be asked to settle your account on the same day of your consultation. All forms of payment are accepted.

Private Medical Insurance

The Harley Street Sexual Health practice is registered with all the major private insurance companies. We advise that you contact your insurer before your initial appointment. A number of the insurance companies insist on your first having had a referral from your GP or another consultant, so it is particularly important to contact your insurer if you are considering a self-referral. Our Practice Secretary is always available to help answer queries or respond to any issues your insurer may raise – please do not hesitate to contact Soga Matthew on 0207 467 5497 or by e-mailing her on Your insurance company should then issue you with a pre-authorisation code which you should bring along to your initial appointment. Any shortfalls in payment resulting from an insurer withholding or limiting payment is the patient’s responsibility.